…From my first call, I absolutely knew he would be the one operating on my face. He has a unique ability to really earn your trust by empathizing with your situation and by genuinely being a salt-of-the-earth, humble, and beautiful soul to chat with and pairs that with his unworldly knowledge of functional and aesthetic orthognathics (seriously, I don’t know how this man does it — like he genuinely lives and breathes jaws, facial bone anatomy, etc – it’s his life’s passion — like he is in it for ALL of the right reasons, to make people’s lives the best they possibly can be). Anyway, after he spent HOURS (yes, HOURS) consulting me on my condition and the cognitive and functional issues i have been experiencing, and optimal occlusion (medical for “bite”) in terms of stability and function, he recommended I perform a transverse expansion of my mandible by doing what’s called a “distraction osteogenesis”. This procedure was necessary for me as I had an inter-canine discrepancy that was too large to resolve directly in maxillomandibular advancement surgery, so this was a necessary precursor procedure. It went flawlessly! Keep in mind that not a single surgeon I consulted with recommended or had even heard of this preliminary procedure. I’m now 4 months out and doing great! I have wisdom teeth on the bottom that need to be removed in a month, afterwards, 6 months from now he will be performing double jaw surgery with a genioplasty.

Dr. Bell is, based on all the facts I have been able to ascertain after doing days of research, the world’s most technologically advanced, empathetic, knowledgable, and on the leading edge surgeon. He is the only surgeon doing stable 5 piece mandibular osteotomies which have a huge favorable impact on aesthetics on transverse expansion of the lower third. The only surgeon (I know of) doing “surgery first” procedures (although my case did not qualify for this since I needed orthodontics done prior), and the only surgeon using 3dMD technology to accurately predict soft tissue movements based on the bony movements being planned in advance of the procedure taking place so that he can show you, in three dimensions, how you will look post-procedure with a great degree of accuracy.

Pair that with his incredible personality, unmatched skill, and humble demeanor and well, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else on the planet. Why are you still reading this?! Just get in touch with his office already!

— Karim H.