I had the pleasure of being under Dr.Bell’s care for my surgery first, 5 piece mandibular osteotomy. After being gaslit by other medical professionals about my deterioriating mental faculties and physical ailments, I found Dr.Bell’s email purely by happenstance, and wrote what basically was a cry for help. You see, I was suffering from numerous mental and physical issues that my general practitioner ignored or referred me to psychiatrists to numb me with SSRI’s or band aid fix with ADHD medications. I was suffering for almost a decade from debilitating brain fog, worsening ADHD, daytime fatigue, speech issues, chronic hives, GERD, IBS, back/neck pain. None of the countless dozens of doctors knew what was going on or even had the foresight that it might stem from a skelatal deformity that was causing extreme stress on my body and decades of sleep apnea. I sent this amazing doctor a long winded email on Thanksgiving day and he replied almost within an hour saying that all my issues can be explained scientifically and its not all in my head. This was the first time in a long time that a medically trained professional actually took the time to listen to all my problems and provide his educated guess as to why I’ve been experiencing such debilitating health issues without being ignored or treated like I have Munchausen syndrome. Dr.Bell takes time out of his busy day to connect to each and one of his patients no matter if its the weekend or a major holiday. Mind you I just randomly emailed this surgeon, and he replied back reaffirming my long winded email on a major holiday. When I first met him face to face for a preliminary consultation, I immediately knew that he was different than other surgeons. He places a very big emphasis on compassion and human connection. His very motto is to build a firm and steadfast rapport with each and every one of his patients before even considering scheduling the surgery. He listened to all of my questions, gave me insights and reasons why it was due to my recessed jaw, and even gave me genuine and earnest life advice. He made sure that I knew what the jaw surgery entails, the complications, the recovery process, and why having the surgery done may improve or outright fix some or most of my health issues through xrays that was taken. I’m generally a reserved person with a pessimistic view on modern medicine where its reactive vs proactive, and Dr.Bell earned my complete trust. He is brilliant at what he does, and is a modern day mozart in the maxillofacial surgical field. I had my surgery late January, and there were 0 complications. My swelling has subsided dramatically week 2 and I had relatively little pain. Its a bit premature to see the positve health impacts of having DJS, but my brain fog has disappeared, I have more restfull sleep, I no longer have daytime fatigue, I don’t need to take antihistamines for my chronic hives, my GERD and IBS is gone, and I no longer gasp for breath at night. This surgery has single handedly changed my life for the better and I dont think any other surgeon could have done the type of surgery that was done besides Dr.Bell. This is a major surgery. It can be frightening, but know that you are in good hands. I couldn’t be happier and Dr.Bell has defined a new golden standard.