I am one month post-op as of writing this and couldn’t be happier with my results!

After years of dealing with breathing and sleeping issues, I decided it was time to seek professional help. Following some testing, my small airway was discovered to be the culprit, and thus my orthodontist recommended that I undergo MMA surgery. I searched extensively and consulted with countless surgeons in the field before having my first meeting with Dr. Bell.

Immediately, Dr. Bell’s genuine care and attentiveness stood out to me, as he took the time to meticulously answer every question and address any concern I had. I quickly found his passion for finding the best solution for his patients, paired with his immaculate attention to detail, truly unique. After each conversation I had with Dr. Bell, I walked away more comfortable and knowledgeable about my situation and eventually decided to go through with the surgery.

Dr. Bell was absolutely fantastic during the surgical planning. There would be times when he and I would spend hours talking about the details of my case, and the very next day he would tell me about new ideas that he came up with during his personal time thinking about my surgery plan! Dr. Bell truly labored tirelessly to craft the perfect surgery plan that addressed my particular issues while at the same time showing great care for the functional AND aesthetic aspects of the operation.

I am one month post-op as of writing this and couldn’t be happier with my results! The very first thing I noticed after my surgery was how well I could breathe through my nose. As usual, Dr. Bell went above and beyond for me during my recovery time; he was always available for me to see him whenever I needed and constantly checked up on how I was doing. By performing the surgery flawless and showing incredible care for me post-op, I was able to recover quickly and without pain. Overall, my functional and aesthetic changes have truly been life-changing, and I cannot possibly thank Dr. Bell enough for everything he has done for me.

I would recommend for anyone who is dealing with similar issues to book a consultation with Dr. Bell as his care, passion, and knowledge is genuinely unmatched.

— Eclectic48672