I waited 3 years to have my surgery with Dr. Bell, and I’m really happy that I did.

Dr. Bell fully addressed my concerns that a lot of other surgeons would not. For reference I came to inquire about jaw surgery because of health issues and recession caused by prior orthodontic treatment. When I was younger I underwent camouflage orthodontics, and it pushed my face back into my head. As a result I had poor breathing, poor posture, pain, and self confidence issues due to lacking in facial structure.

Dr. Bell is one of the few surgeons out there, in my experience, who works with patients to correct issues specifically caused by extractions/ retraction camouflage orthodontic treatment. Dr. Bell listened to, and validated all of my concerns when most other surgeons were dismissive simply because my pre surgery bite was okay.

Not only was Dr. Bell focused on my health concerns, he also worked hard to give me the aesthetic result that I wanted. He is capable of providing patience with a lot of projection as well as stability.

I have had no pain after surgery. I’m very happy with my results. I wish that I could have underwent this procedure sooner.

Dr. Bell gave me a chin, restful nights, alignment in my body, and has relieved me of chronic pain I had been suffering for years. Recovery was smooth.

It is obvious that Dr. Bell absolutely loves what he does, and advocates for what is best or his patients. I received 5 star treatment pre and post op.

He is the best.

— xylanthius