Absolute best jaw surgeon – I feel like a different person

I needed jaw surgery and was referred to Dr. Bell by my periodontist. My periodontist did not trust his patients with any other surgeon for jaw surgery except Dr. Bell. Dr. Bell is kind, meticulous, and extremely knowledgeable in his specialty. He has been doing jaw surgeries for 20+ years. He previously worked for Kaiser but now has his own practice. More than half of Dr. Bell’s cases are patients who come to him for a revision due to a previous jaw surgery gone wrong.

Dr. Bell individualized my surgical plan, revising it over several months until it was the best fit for me. Safety is always Dr. Bells main concern for his patients. After my surgery, Dr. Bell followed up with me like a hawk, making sure my healing was on track. I was amazed I had zero black, blue, or maroon bruising from the surgery.

A short brief on my background, I had sleep obstructive apnea for 30+ years due to a recessed lower jaw and small airway. For the past year and a half the sleep apnea and day-time sleepiness had been worsening. Having jaw surgery by Dr. Bell has changed my life. One of the first things I noticed immediately when I woke up was how much air came through my airway when I inhaled. I cannot believe I had been living life with such little air! For the first time in my life, I don’t snore anymore. I sleep through the night without being interrupted by sleep apnea. I’m finally getting the sleep my body needs to recover. I no longer have to take daytime naps because I now feel well-rested when I wake up. I feel like a different person. I am actually fully awake and present and can think clearly during the day. I am coming up on 12 weeks post-op, and things are on track thus far. I am confident that recovery will continue to go well under Dr. Bell’s care. I wish other doctors would take note and practice like Dr. Bell. He genuinely cares about his patients.

If you’re reading this review and are contemplating having jaw surgery for medical and, or, cosmetic reasons, you don’t have to search for another surgeon. This is a sign that Dr. Bell is THE surgeon for jaw surgery and you will not be disappointed under his care. Thank you sooooo much Dr. Bell! You’ve changed my life in so many ways, for the better. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your knowledge and skilled hands!

— Tough571239